Painting members of a giant football club, Barcelona FC at a cafe.

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Hello friend ....

This time I'm back to share a bit of inspiration about painting for all of us and I hope it has its benefits.

Good evening, friends, how are you in this blessed Ramadhan, hopefully in the protection of the Almighty, on this occasion I paint at a cafe, but I have never worked to make money in painting, even though I can do a little, but this time my friend invited me to do one job, but I followed it, but this painting is all my friend's desires, I just did what he instructed, maybe his experience was better than mine, this time we painted members of a giant football club, namely Barcelona FC.


Something that we describe looks so real and alive even if it's just a pencil scratch. I really like my pencil paintings, because he always portrays the environment and various scenes that make my eyes comfortable. The simplicity that is painted is very deep, but in fact there is its own luxury when I pervade the meaning of my painting.


Be an art connoisseur, so that you are accustomed to seeing your life from the angles that make it an art, an artist who gives his best masterpiece will get a place in the hearts of art lovers.


Thank you...


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