Latin Music History: Claire Fischer - Morning - Dedicated to @gvand

in artzone •  4 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever heard. I play it when I want to feel loved and blessed.

FOR @GVAND - such an amazing lady we are all lucky to know ;-)

Thank you for the wonderful gift you give to all of us with your art and writing.

An instrumental track by Claire Fischer, he plays an early Yamaha "organ" that is really one of the first polyphonic synthesizers ever produced. It has a rich tone and really adds to the perfection of this lovely track.

I love it for it's simplicity and perfection.

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OOOOh ... so chilled ... like chocolate & red wine.

What a nice surprise! It's a lovely melody... Samba in this slow-paced style is very romantic and makes anyone's skin bristle. Excellent choice! I really appreciate this detail of the great boss!

That's a romantic date night sound. Sounds very relaxing and like a good vacation.

So cool music. I love music as music is the pleasure of my heart.

Really nice smooth and easy going song @gvand is going to enjoy it happy birthday @gvand

Hello friend excellent post I love good quality music you are the best of steemit success and more success

Resteemed, I really love music so much especially some good tunes from Kenny G. This really has a perfect sound and so simple as well. I guess you enjoyed this on your relaxation @surfyogi.

Really perfect music, it touches the soul. I'll take it to myself in a treasury of beautiful music. Thanks for sharing

Cool and compelling, was nodding unconsciously. .... I still really wonder how you get to handpick good music with quality, i can still remember vividly the one you played last time that sounded gospel... Lol
Am still trying to figure out my taste of music though. : D

Awwnnn. This is a lovely sound. Thanks for sharing @surfyogi

This is so unique and beautiful. Reminds me of a movie I once watched, I think dance with me or something. I always love songs like this

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The sound is so unique! I doubt I have heard anything quite like this before, kinda reminds me of music from Mexican movies and salsa dances. I loved listening to it...sounded like a man playing a happy tune to the love of his life...@gvand is lucky. your taste in music is impeccable @surfyogi.

This is just the perfect song to play when one goes out on a date and needs to spend time with a loved one. I put it under the genre of Classical Jazz, think I have heard this played in one of Tom Cruise's movie. The tune is breathtaking as the listener enjoys each sound of it cos it comes so naturally and well coordinated key tone.

@GVAND will definitely love this, you got good eyes on the best music. Soul lifting.

It seems you really appreciate good music and art, I like that particular traits about you. You're amazing like that.

We celebrate you and with you @gvand and we are happy to have you bless us with your grandeur artistic talent.

A very special piece, I love to listen to this kind of music. when I enjoy an exquisite dinner.

I love this! It can be used for a beautiful salsa dance..


Samba dance, a Brazilian dance I guess. This is nice. @surfyogi, let's dance samba

this is a wonderfull track.. my dear friend.. @surfyogi firstly i am very happy you again come back in this community.latin motif always facinating with lyrics...its my heart touching anytime.specially its vety great gift of gvand..this time i am lisenting this feel very good.thanks to sharing for your best gif of music..may god bless you my dear friend. @surfyogi

Amazing music, this music is good to think

A wonderful track, my friend and the Latin motif always fascinated me with lyrics. This is a great gift for the @gvand. Well done! Thank you @surfyogi

Oh yeah @surfyogi, the perfect gift for the @gvand and Latin music comes from the heart!

It's a beautiful music. Really i enjoy this cultural beauty.

What a wonderful music i am so glad to see you sir after many many days.

The song sounds unique and has a special flare in terms of its rythm and lyrics . I like the song really much

Wow my great steemian thats a unique style.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Liked the song and glad to hear from you after some time :)

This is a very nice music, it gives goose bumps and makes me wanna feel loved. @surfyogi, you have good sense of music.

Amazing song its simply superb,where are you sir these many days.

Lovely music...... ♥️

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Something great to listen today i am feeling energetic :) great to see your post after a very long time :D

i am glad i stumbled into this

sweet music

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This is incredibly beautiful. Love the unique style rhythm