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Bubble dream abstract by ©Artbyjolla

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wow, you have a real mathematical style, natural, almost fractal. heck of a job. reminds of the kindergarten level bubble painting I did. You're on a whole other level, you are a professor. DQmUZAV9o1hnfXXbwNWmQ291n6qoQQgdXJ8KqQKaRC3Mqky_640x480.jpeg

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Oh, my goodness me!! Loved your comment...especially re: mathematical style...that got me my curiosity streak running overtime...I must look it up...the meaning of it...thank you so much for your visit - nice meeting you @shlizzy


see Benoit Mandlebrot for more fractal mathematics info. he's considered the grandfather of this branch (play on words) of mathematics.


How cool :) thank you @shlizzy - I have to say...I was curious...will check this out for sure!