Understanding painting

in artzone •  9 months ago

The stunning dusk of LAM REH, Acheh -Sumatra
oil on canvas, 70 cm x 60 cm '2018

In contrast to enjoying, understanding painting is not by involving psychological (emotional) elements. If enjoying a person can feel melted, absorbed and even drift psychologically when looking at paintings, then on understanding, a person must be in a state of conscious (self). There must be a distance between himself as the observer and the painting as the observed object. As Edward Bullough (1800-1934) says, one must break free of all the influences when it comes to understanding a work of art, since emotional involvement will cause his judgment to be merely the justification of a personal slant. Therefore the explanation likes a painting because it is interested in the choice of the object, or being touched to see it, for example, is not an expression of understanding.



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Beautiful painting @sayedahmadsabiq ,well explained how to observe and understand a painting.


thank you for the appreciation @sandeepadiyara

Very good painting, how older it could be? Vote for you

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