How to Color Pictures with Crayons

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Crayons are also included as drawing tools that are quite easy to use for all ages. By having a bright and attractive color variant, it makes it easy to use when you want to explore the colors in each image object you create.

How to color the picture with crayons is actually the same as other drawing activities. The first thing you should think first is the theme or concept of the image you want to use. At least you have to have an idea if what object you want to create.

Before coloring the image with crayons, of course you must first understand the object and concept of the image. If you already know the concept, of course you will be easier to choose what color you will use when coloring with crayons later.

For example, you can choose objects that are around you to be used as an object image.

Now, when drawing, you have to consider several things before starting to continue tips on how to draw colors with crayons.

Focus on Original Objects or Images

For example, if you want to color the house with crayons, then focus also not only on the shape of the house, but also on other parts.

Decoration or complementary examples on the main image. Suppose in the window you can add a vase or curtain as an ornament. To make things easier, try the ornaments that you draw also on the actual object.

Create Sketch

Before coloring with crayons, making the right sketch can also facilitate the next step. To sketch, you can use HB or 2B pencil. How to?

Simply create a fine scratch as a square or base for the actual image.

Since you will color it with crayons later, then when you sketch it later try not to press the pencil too hard, why?

Because the scratches may even leave marks even after they have been removed. Even worse, the curve is still visible even though we have overwritten it with crayons.

After the sketch is complete, then you can directly color with the crayon image. Well, just a tip, if you still feel the scratch is quite annoying, you can slightly emphasize the sketch line by overwriting it with a black pencil.

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wow! thanks for this simple, easy to follow tutorial....Crayons are not just for kids! I have enjoyed reading through this, your drawing made it all the more easy for me to blend in.

This brief and simple post has everything to do with originality, relevance and depth.

I am going to feature this post in the next Xposed Curator's Rebound #35. You may find details about it Xposed Curator's Rebound

My hope is to bring your quality work here the exposure it deserves, and with it, hopefully some additional rewards.

Congratulations, and best wishes


your idea is very smart! I am very grateful to you @mirrors


I am glad you like the idea. To be honest, it is some what tiring, but i enjoy it nonetheless. I only wish i was able to do more in regard to rewarding quality works such as yours.

But anyway, i am hoping the initiative will soon get some boost, and be able to offer more support.

I see you have some really good talent with art and design. Keep it up. and stay in touch! I see this idea growing into something big, and i want you guys to be a central part of it, supporting and paying forward as we grow it.

And by the way, if you ever need any help..or if after today, i take long to visit your blog (i can sometimes get to busy!!!!), don't hesitate to remind me on the comments of any of my posts.

Otherwise the post in which you are featured is now out. If you manage sometime, do check it out. Here is a link.


ooh .. thank you very much .. you're great!
I will visit your blog now ^_^


You are welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Excellent post thanks @mirrors for the resteem.