The fisherman and his project.

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Once the village a village, very poor wife, I had two ears. The two fields that can be captured from the womb of his living by selling fish in the market had to do in school. The dawn rises on a daily basis and there are men, he used to go out into the sea fishing.

While a fishing boat sits on the abruptly fishing pole, something that feels like you're pulling force to pull a fishing line. The body of a very beautiful and big fish have begun to see that the hook on a fish hook.

She was thrilled to savage fish mouth while removing a hook from a fish hook fish for him to say it.

"You have the right to human life, I do. Really, I is not the body of a normal fish. Fish's King a slave. I ask you about what you may need to go back in. That's why I call ".

"Our farmers have begun to speak to apologize. I do not need you to stay is short term, you are not the normal body of a fish I understand. Do not worry ... I will send you back, "and a number of large fish release.

They came back home on the side of his wife, who is "the body of this day for five years did I," he asked.

He replied.
"I was unable to leave the body Normally, the body of a fish caught. In the words they speak. and then she told The beauty of a fish. and me and begged to go back into the water, and I have to re-release "

"Yes. I have heard of ... I do not want to be the king of fish have heard prayers to pray Before you go back to him. I do not, "the woman asked.

The men, he said.
"... Why did not require the long release and have mercy on him."

The woman who
"Really nice ..." "slave. Now you're sitting undo. How bad enough. I do not have a good tent. I have seen a good enough I pray your tent to find him. I get a good prize As a servant. We must live different lives completely happy, you get a tent. I'm really happy to say ".

King of the five men returned to the field he have a tent with his wife want to order a gift basket I do not. ပေမယ့် his wife, he can not go against what they want. I had to go back to the mid

He was sitting on a boat in the middle of a fish called the King to come to order. Recently, a large king fish and fishermen, "Why call me simply because you are a man ...." I asked.

Never fisherman said, "I live in a tent in a very old broken now. That's why my wife is less a good tent, I'm hot. I want a woman's desire to meet the full I demanded.

King says.
"If you return home, you want a home is a tent like this," he said.

Fishermen came back home, I saw a very neat and beautiful houses I saw. The woman, he ran from the house for him to come out, "the servant of the servant of the house .... I have" and a full house inside. I have a good white house, they are both very happy.

So about a month later, the woman he was to dissolve the walls of the small house and be happy again. The men who, more preferably to a house owned by a King fish oil to a warm morning to pray. King of the five men he had no desire to go to King woman's driver has five to go and pray.

They came back home and stand in front of a castle to see that his wife was waiting. They come running to see him, he bounced in her castle.

So, about a year later, he became a castle to live as one big happy sad to go to the King of the five men who pester .

Fishermen at least have begun to deny the woman's wishes and I'm told his wife.
"The men and women her


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