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    No, do not miss the time and they do not repent and unexpected. . .

When the focus on values
We need to respect.

In practice much Mic
Knowledge society sympathetic
Loving patience probity
Also nice to see the respect
It is not just because

See you want to see 100 years later, the current life sure nothing

This is to meet the leader of our era in the car, we are considered to be very lucky

always pray. . . Make long-term more and always incomplete

Hobo thief, selfish people are afraid of the light darkness dark bases in their air

If you set yourself about relevance and did not make a good leader and followers attempt

Seems to want to know can ask unless you can search without bringing too much ego can ruin the future of my generation

What period would remain at a friend frog

His heart as well as its home

Please seize this kind of leader
(Nurhad) (sacred t


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