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Gandhi said to his lunch break

Next to plates of Professor
He was professor
"Here Gandhi pigs cat bird
Cat does not and should not sit together
I still do not understand ... "

Gandhi children, parents do not know
One response
with decor
"Do not worry, my professor
Once I'll fly away "
Other ditch
Down below.
Professor discontent becomes Exam
When the war to revenge
Plot. But all that he asked
Gandhi sharpen query
Answering questions could ingeniously
Again, it is asking for.
"Gandhi, walking over money
And wisdom
A full Saw
Choose a year if
How to take out "
ဂႏ similar ၵ
Select the "money"
"If I deem I can be quite
Full of wisdom
Select "
Then ဂႏ similar ၵ
"Yes, people just have a lack of
"You want the blocks


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