Want to lose ...

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Want to lose ...Want to lose ...
Want to lose ...
Did not want to lose
Islam wants to lose ...
Country wants to lose ...
definitely know
If you lose apply ..
Painfully recognized country
135 apply,
The near-universal (135)
Relatives from the ground in Myanmar
If not disappear apply
The near-universal (135) largely consist of
Not disappear
Keep detention regime
The government may apply လုို လုို near-universal
Health education grant
The living standards of economic fallout
Improve access
The government may applyုို.

In practice as their countries were largely
From the days of dictator 0 Maung, ွှ Thein Sein million grant
Ruled for the government
The nation's largely 0 fallout
Keep maintain apply
Loading height apply it arbitrarily
Imprisoned, tortured and killed
Save save
School House
Ruthlessly deleted
Dana people who get killed.
Forsake forsake 0
Is largely a region largely deserted
Visit other countries for their living.

Mae Sot today stench
0 stands largely
More than 130 families from different parts of Burma Bitter
Arrive Experience 0
Out of the 135 children who apply,
Will largely citizens are pure.

Along the border with Thailand, Karen Umpiem camps, ုrefugee camp are living
Rose up in the hundreds of thousands of refugees
Myanmar citizens are.

That place will largely China declares
confined to a corridor , Copper Mountain
The project
Saving space, military-owned land
Location aside, they seem
It wars လုို့ are from war-torn
The various
Largely to a country largely to the actual location

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