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 Yangon) - one year in prison by the police violated legal rules have been adopted  Yan Naing, a former independent investigation team. Data plate. Developing the formed Myanmar, including Police Chief Win secret documents was actually on a par with the Official Secrets Act against those seven points, including an application layer 4 and his wife Tutu is chairman of the Union legal support to Members of Congress to send complaints by today's date.

Reuters correspondent ဖမ်းဆီးကြောင်း two documents to the two in the original press release from the Ministry of Home Affairs Correspondent Yan Naing and policemen, before the Official Secrets Act 1923, published against me to be guilty before the court decides not yet mention the guilty Law later matched with Tutu, writing in the complaints.

"(This) announcement is not unlawful, It damages the human moral dignity. Children dignity jeopardize the future of families of human rights have been violated.

"According to the testimony of a reporter (2) is not a given document. The police chief assigned corporal Naing Lin, That before consolidation custody ... so keep them out of court and prison (1) before the two orders have been held for more than four months (130 days), one can not ... law. They also made fake documents, "said Myanmar Now Writing in the three obtained a copy of the letter.

He said two of its husband, journalist document was not apparent, It can not be brought by the Privacy Act, but was taken by the Disciplinary Section, an innocent witness, The charity benefits the reporter out of a police officer who met with all six of its national staff, with the exception of the remaining question is why you do not take action against.

"Ba Ba, I rely on, Police chief himself was here, Behind him Interior Minister in the lowest level in Brussels heard. So seldom do not touch. But deer are afraid desperately done perceive more clearly now. Mother and President of the independent would be to check the entire team led by entity, "he wrote in the complaint.

The letter requests a name with dignity, to identify those published newspaper The Official Secrets Act, the original rules were already under Law 16 (b) action Subject Defamation officials issued a par action, Sentenced to one year imprisonment in general to add more than four months, counting from the human rights perspective on the factors to consider.

"(Reporter) two documents, the police chief, Police Chief Win Naing Lin Thanks to the secret documents from the end of 1923, "Secrets Act

President, The consultant, Federal Attorney General, Chief Justice of the Union, Human Rights Commission, On 6 April, the Anti-Corruption Committee, etc. The first delivery date not yet significant, despite complaints Legal support team, the President of the Union for a given group which formed in addition to complain to rely on its roof, according to Yan Naing Myanmar Now.

Union legal support group came to power. The Nyan Win, Chairman, The Myanmar team. Legal rights equally can not be equal to the status issue, poverty, Cree, servile People understand the legal concept of due legal rights, damage A structure designed to protect the law in the near future.

"For those who can hire a lawyer and tell Mainly we have any plans to get a lawyer Long-distance to go to court to help if you are not really the issue for instance. Legal counsel, Discussed, Giving money to those who need financial support like these, we can do


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