Mother day (Mother's Day),

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Mother day (Mother's Day),
Mother day (Mother's Day), the second Sunday of May Day
Provides international set (mother day).

Mother's Day is a writer & director entity (the train), it has adopted. Mother's Day is held in the full ပPhyartho

Mother day is the end of the civil war, many women at an event with the performance of the United States.

This, because of the civil war in the most driven women named Anna Roger Travis (Anna Jarvis), the woman's mother had died.

Civil War and died at an event in memory of her mother, with many remembering (May 1908) on Sunday, the US state of West Virginia, the Methodist Church of the Mayan temple of worship to mark it.

So, mother day and Mother's Day is a different look at that ... sure ... I know Thanksamillion

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