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Tough crossed the margin DSA cadets 0 if you tell me how hard to blame unbelievable. The first year to attend the DSA training soldiers from civilians 0 0 0 begin transition period to give up, so that when the cadets 0 0 people do not delete.

In fact, the cadets 0 and a white cloth. They are today the current situation of the military, yet they do not understand anything, to d o. 100 at 95 that he loved the kingdom is really impressed with the Army and those from 0. All the blood, Iron, A command when they are willing to receive. Under the shadow of the senior Military Academy class were selected to equal treatment.

But those convictions arrived at the Military Academy cadets ... Again 0 a week later, we reached all of these convictions drain end they come to life.

"I was the battalion commander," Ask Palm chest, and added, "I am almost unconscious state" of the Southwest Region of the second student cadets Mann. The first training, the battalion commander who knew no sin, thrust fault.

Later, beginning with the invention of the first cadets

I've encountered about once or twice.
It insists, once the top lease.
Waiting Time is 8 minutes. Call thought at the top of the circle. 15 minutes.
Pressed could wait no longer could do their maternal Cancel.
This is why ... Why accept far. I can not see
I will not go far to see location ... Pick up you could not see the actual location. I have to tell you my side Cancel your code.

During another speech.


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