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   0 is the legendary rice. When the unbelievable story. 1951. The monks from Nepal Marie, namely the girl. He was 12 years old 0 Wah ဗုဒ္ than a religion. One after the full age of twenty four hot Nepal (tonnes) ဗုဒ္ monk reaches the place of the campus consists of Damascuss

want to take have studied the law was yes very intense. The poor than the poorest canon literature teaching and non teaching the poorest applying the monk. Monk is the only pupil and child Pali literature,literature taught in about three months. However, the bishop in Damascus adopted her stand, whichever is longer, Nepal You must return to India. Only then will once again return to the country. He told his disciples, "If teaching literature ္ essentially effort could be sent to Burma, please contact us, Girls Myanmar literature teaching nuns has large monastery, "I tell him to come back to India Sinai departure.

 Since then a pupil, Marie went to Burma to allow ဗုဒ္ literature teaching parents and demanding. His mother is doing, and will release a companion  pupil of his two best friends, he probably data to 0 before the establishment of a research wholesale fellow sisters. The sisters are those who have strong desire to learn္ literature in existence, than he went to Burma with 0 Wah ဗုဒ္ they agree to teach literature. The daughter, who really knew mother and daughter because they knew the spirit of decisive Burma will no longer prevent the issue. However, her husband, the father of four novices tell Sri pride of members opposed bitterly opposed. Now, the still small indecisively. On accepting novices Uncertain. I do not like to wait. I hide the intention of going to steal his father. Not knowing her daughter is very enthusiastic about helping. As a result, her biological mother keep the bishop expressed her dedication to her daughter that you want to help you get the opportunity to study their  the monk to Damascus adopted her letter writing  mathematical concept. The girl led her young daughter and friends, with a total of three girls  home early in the morning on a day to leave quietly. (If you want to know the width Wei Tun daughter read the book loved writing).

His father and mother, who loved him too much beloved daughter called home. But too eager to teach literature ဗုဒ္ keeping quiet out from the house. Their destination is the bishop temporarily after India Sinai. The monk. Monk shows the messages delivered by his mother. Three of the girls had not seen already left to go to that country. India to send their passport week Striving monk campus consists of Damascus is still full of life. However, the girl three weeks and can not be sent by the end of this. Theaters Sinai seven-month high. The three of them at home, as are clothed nuns. One day, the Nepalese people themselves. Friends, sisters (probably data to 0 before the establishment of a research wholesale) is taken to visit his mother. On claim on behalf of his father, his father's friend is to be picked up. The situation that inevitably come with a friend two sisters to go back to Nepal. On novices taking this situation there completely follow, I want to go back to her parents had been out of Kolkata, then Burma will be the intention to write in reply. The bishop and went to Kolkata to know her daughter had grown back. Father sent Kolkata great day. To find his younger sister, the only pupil was told not to come back from. As the father sent the monks. In Kolkata week is not easy. One day, two Punjabi Assam to Kolkata by train through a little farther from Assam are planned to visit Myanmar Hiking On her novices. Thus, Myanmar You can not send official to Myanmar with two Punjabi Trade will go on a novice monk Damascus adopted her dinner. The Monk is a serious objection. As a girl, two boys and green forest mountain hike should not go. Not to say. Burma and if so, how to go, he said in reply. The zeal of the novices, himself awed bishop then across Assam, which will accompany the trip insurance. Glory glory. In fact,


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