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   2018-2019 academic year

L All teachers and school officials served l
All information points to be

  • Shall not receive any fee collection /.

  • Not accept any cash gifts.

  • School in school uniform # class brands and labels
    No selling.

  • Any other item that has not been selling.

  • For the full 5 years old in kindergarten (KG)
    Allah l a full 6-year old premier
    (Grade 1) the size of the school and the l
    In order to accept enrollment.

  • Regularly scheduled school teaching right.
    L office to learn if taught.

  • Help students.
    Accountability Be creative ability
    To become a good human being
    School daily messages glass l l
    To learn the good quality
    Collaborating with parents to discuss.

  • Checking the respective class rooms
    Once in December and once in July 2018
    Once a mid-October Inspection
    Checking the end of the year in February 2019-
    Total (4) to perform only once at a time.

  • Attendance times weak learn
    for schoolboy and girl taught fill dam
    (Remedial Education), starting from July
    In order to continue until the end of the year.

  • School Cleaning Service and school development
    Cooperation in ensuring that student
    Please encourage the students.

  • Elementary premier l through the second l third
    All students

# Literate to read

It emphasizes the basic math to calculate #
Processed l out of school in order not to completely and
L senior secondary levels to continue through
Collaboration with the parents in order to pursue education
To be able to.

  • Minister of Education l Office report recommended # #
    Office (13) l Naypyidaw
    complaints sent to [email protected]

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