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 Blessed h Exactly seven days under the banyan 

He measured his Then, once again in front of the Maha Bodhi tree in the south
double lotus nine square off an unwelcome turn south near the lake

folder to enjoy the rich and the law, and he measured it.

Blessed be the supreme good folder lose while eating

The rain at the time of attack rains down from the sacred lotus sea of ​​gold, silver, coral, sapphire,

Win Win five sparkling ruby ​​color, '' he stars named '' Dragon cat

Two weeks approached the stage and came to the Buddha and Buddha

Sound head in the hood to keep them well.

When you go to stop rain made the dragon of his own spirit, flair

Dragon called. will concentrate the precious Buddha said Revered

Worship and serve three times in the original body of the dragon away, I went down to the lake of the sacred lotus

The secret was.

Buddha in front of the Bodhi tree for nine ယ့် recovery from double cream လိန္ stars near the lake

Exactly seven days after him.


   # very tender ... simply shattered heart can not be set to remedial ... just anybody who's in the heart and shattered .........

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