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       A population of only 6 million less plain small mountainous landlocked country in the fastest growth is amazing. A little last remaining Communist countries, but the main strong foreign export, Billion dollars worth of infrastructure such as the bullet train, Highway Projects special could hold back economic growth.

Billions of investment in China, Received from Thailand and Vietnam. Foreign investment in Myanmar countries, but the thing that will keep alert and hesitant really was good except for Samsung's 4.5-billion investment in Korea.

Lao hydropower breathtaking over there is too ambitious. National brand in rice is embedded with a dam was angry. Build 13 large dams in the country, and another 70 are built.

1,000 megawatt dam, run the Nam Thi -2 yuan to support at least part of the World Bank and ADB, the bank started operations in 2010. The dam is 25 years in Laos will seek $ 2 billion.

Underemployment Laos in 2020 is expected to leave 12,500 MW. Become the country's current production than 4 ဆနီးပါး. Thein Sein Myanmar Myitsone has opposed US support and momentum was stopped. Other large hydropower projects ဝေလေလေ objection had far and the upcoming days. Air Con in sharing with the slogan can light candles and was far from the country's bright future.

Once အိပ်မောကျနေတဲ့ Lao capital was devised Soviet news has now come into force. Expensive restaurant with an increase in the booming luxury pedestrians. Marc influence policy elite had emerged. Thanks to the good of a crony class erupted.

China's bullet train project in Laos has agreed to lend $ 480. The bullet train from Singapore to Kunming, will grow up to 10 hours we will reach Singapore. Bangkok became a railway junction, Cambodia and Vietnam will be divided. Laos during the entire project will cost 6 billion, China issued a 20-year loan is the first 5-year period. Although not disclose the interest rate of about 2% GDP.

Laos had advanced on a long journey to reach this level. The 1986 economic decentralization and privatization, and later, if well-force business was steadily reduced. With the country's rich hydropower development is the right decision.

Laos is only 210 MW in 1995 and is now able to produce 5.047 MW. I was able to produce 30% more electricity than last year. Myanmar (although smaller than 1able to export more electricity), the trade deficit has been declining. The government of Laos has been working as a watch battery must have cried.

1878 MW this year's Hong lignite coal is completed. (Update extending plate next lignite coal due to objections halted)

Lao's 2020 95% of electricity is going to use. Mountainous north of the country have already run the High Voltage Grid. (Solar small comfort) s government passed simultaneously to help manufacturing businesses how to get there.

China to push for investment in Lao youth to study China. Business student "to China, Chinese companies can spend this much," he told the New ယောခ် newspaper.

FDI in agriculture 1% when Laos have received more than 36%. Laos's biggest export is coffee. Investments in electricity production is about 45%.

To use in attracting foreign investment in manufacturing သွင်းကုန်တွေကို tax does not pick up Export transactions duty, do not pick up Giving tax exemption up to 10 years, Helps reduce the tax for the project, The investment in education and health care privileges.

2016 is able to perform successfully in the position of chairman of ASEAN's regional and world economy was more about the situation. The ability to import more products and services, freedom and has been able to attract more investment and skilled labor.

You can implement the Millennium Development Goals, Laos. To reduce poverty by half, Reduce hunger, Getting higher education levels and health outcomes are to increase


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