My Heart Song...

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You came,
I could see you from the distance

From where I stood I could see you

Your silhouette a bit shadowy, but you came, in this darkness that lights the night.

You came to drink wine with papa,

Like every night

You came tonight

I know its you

I see you crystal clear

I hear your heartbeat,

That jazz-fuji like beat

I know the rhythm

I sing along with your heart

I breathe along with your lungs

How can't I know its you when this bond that ties us together never dies

Even when you leave at dawn, it's like you're right by my side

”Nkem” you came tonight, but you always leave without saying goodbye

”Nkem” I don't need pearls,

The ones in your eyes are the best,
Dark, yet lovely

You know I need nothing else

”Nkem” please stay

Thrilled in this fantasy

Where lilies thrived on thorns

Where love sang one song

Where the sun danced to the rhythm of the rain......


Just this once

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