A Ballpoint pen sketch of a little Girl

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Model: Delight Dahunsi

Materials: A4 format paper and a Ballpoint pen( e .g BIC pen)

Artist : Rf Abol


Hii friends, its being a while since i drop a pen sketch or any post related to my area of interest which is majorly art on this steemit platform, i will like to say am sorry for the wait, but the reason was because my account was stolen and though it was recovered back , am just feeling fully back to the system recently. I will also like to extend a big thank to you all for loving, sharing, and upvoting my previous art works.

Today i will like to introduce one of my very recent pen art done with just a ballpoint pen and A4 paper, it was a sketch for a little girl by name Delight on her birthday around last year, July 2017 but sure of the exact day, at that very time am just into rough skeleton sketch with my pen and was yet to graduate into detailing with application of shades, contour lines etc. The picture below was the very first and finished pen sketch i presented to her at as that very time last year


So in the last few days i needed to do some retouch for some of my previous art works and luckly i saw delight's picture with that her charming eye calling for me. So i did some retouching by applying shades where necessary, more tight blur shading to reduce the spaces showing white on her face, here was the result below.


Next was to detail more effectively






God bless you for your lovely visit
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Better is not enough the best is yet to come #Rf

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Well drawn. You have a way with pens!


@mirrors thanks for stopping by...


You are welcome.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thanks so much

Damn... Dude you are bloody... The inking is highly impeccable. Just try to work on your tags. Why tagging artzone twice? Try to Slothicorn too. Although they have a specific type of art they curate...


Alright thanks

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Really nice portrait @rf-abol!!
I upvoted a comment since the post voting has been locked already

Keep the good work! 😉👍