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Operation of the junta since August 7 lakhs neighboring Bangladesh Rohingyas had fled to Bangladesh. Dozens of villages in western Rakhine state was destroyed. Some events like the village was taken off on 27 August, there is much similarity. Strip and the surrounding villages to reach 0 The government has strict prohibitions. Aid workers with the UN investigator Western journalists that the authorities are not allowed to travel freely.

The Wall Street Journal put the massacre in the village of more than two dozen Rohingya villagers retrieval from an interview with the local Buddhist context. The interviews of the Amnesty International Human Rights, a New York-based investigation of the gunshot wounds of analysis studied the rain outside off 0 performance and comprehensive compatibility.

The village outside the strip about the deaths of human rights within the village of an international plan စစ်း proceedings involved said. The International Criminal 0 tribunal lawyer said that in April, the history of humanity 0 Rohingyas was charged to go out began investigating the issue. US senior military officers for sanctions.

Military officials, they were originally detained Rohingya insurgents who sought strip shows Atrocities committed by civilians in the village has denied the allegations. Rohingya Muslims to burn your house is accused Myanmar. Committed by the security forces in the repression of the statement was not released by the military. Rakhine state government spokesman Tin Maung Swe off then no more than 10 people were killed in the village practiced in force but said there have been no cases of theft.

Take off the village's leader, Mr. Hussein, a Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh Bangladesh for several weeks they visited his access to the villagers gathered on August 27 attack was collecting a list of 358 Rohingya were killed. Since the gun to another 57 of them was taken is not any longer.


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