Happy to be of concern

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Sufficiently as a country in anarchy
Happy Yangon courtyard entrance is the simple 3 slices
With Rangoon
Rangoon police officers taking
The entrance to the court of the wedding car
YBS17YBS35 ကားဂိတ်တွင် at 2 pm
Every morning at 5 pm
Public Lies spin
Group Group dirty
Coming up the coasts Rangoon shopping
Ni-old girls
I do not know. I do not want to say
To force to force. If
Children traveling to the hard-earned money to buy expensive
စုေ winter visiting this walk as robbery
It takes a daily
Already several Time
Police in Rangoon
And not only as a country in anarchy
The groups who act
Do not see eye-Shan.
Deliberately not want to see you being led astray
became questionable
Taking a photo
Please stay ဓားထိုးခံရ
Taxi prices near their all
There is above at least 20 of their team
မယုံရင် Rangoon police
Try taking emission monitoring
12 pm to 5 am from နာရီဝန်းကျင်
As visiting people forced အနုကြမ်း
Can not refuse '
Force bullying are taken
14.1.2018, at about four-thirty
Let's shopping Yangon opens
The girl and I have spoken,
Just wanted to draw out took about 8 expect that choice
Fairs are bullying
The girl's laugh မလုပ်ကြပါနဲ့
She pulled back to me Although Mann crying
Out of their victims is to do what people do
Still pulling hair
We see it, but do not tell
They are above the group is at least 20
Mall taxi drivers near humans
The last girl banging
Necklace twisted body of a run at least
Waiting for them
started running vacuum attended taxi CC8853
The next day it opens again
Country folk of their hard-earned money
Now, lying to eat the least figuring
The entrance to the court of the wedding car
YBS17,35 terminal
The national group of crooks
Every day from 12 to 5 in the morning hours

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