Whole life

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My whole life
Fuck sweat
Just riding on a mule
From the tumultuous life ....

Cold and cool
They are completely smart
Posted on YBS ✔ 😜😜

Instead of eating
No vomiting
From the gutters ...

It will not be smooth
The road is smooth

Everywhere you go
Like a big dog
From the life of spouses ...

My mother is in the middle of the world
What about those who are arrogant?
The people of Dauphin are visually impaired
The right to bloody eyes
Got it ✔ 👍👍

I have never seen it
With the theme
Never expected
Dream cities
All over the country
There are no towns or cities
Let's connect!

From where you are now
39 Do you want to return to the hot tub?

Back to the table with a small cup of tea
Do you want to be reinstated?

Every time you go there
With PP red
I have a lot of things to do
Do you want to stay?

No need to think

For 60 years, we end up in poverty, like the slave mules weaned
Even in the last two years ...

What is this?
If you continue to do this,

In your head
Remember, hey ...

It's better than the NLD government
In this country
Not yet
Do you remember that?


By interim by 2020


Thein Win Thu

Nay Myo

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