My friends

in #artzone4 years ago

I have ..
Very loyal
Thank you ..
High emotional level
Have good friends

When we did the same thing, they gave us 20 lakhs of kyats for their money.
Failure to do business ...
They lose, they lose too.

They know that they are very uncomfortable.
I didn't insist on my debt, but told me to pay when it was convenient.
No arguments.
I wish them all good health, prosperity, good business and good luck.

Unbelievable ..
Businesses come in handy, and
50 lakhs borrowers
I make repayments on a monthly basis every month.
The person who borrowed 20 lakhs also sent them 50,000 kyats to him.

Liar, crook, dirty man ..
In a time of great popularity,
In an age where people want to be fooled, fooled, deceived and deceived ..
Like this
I love you ..
Grateful ..
Honest, honest person ..
Good friends like gold, very rare.

Because of the debt cycle.
I don't want to go into debt.
In spite of being too busy,
I really appreciate those who give as much as possible and really pay off.

Throughout life ..
Everything goes smoothly ..
May they grow stronger than ever!
Don't let the good spirits help.
I pray often.

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