My Country Mother

in #artzone4 years ago
  • Breastfeeding is the other side
    Alcohol is a tonic
    The dumb little bitch was right
    More than a thousand fires
    With a big, sick man
    The Thief

The task has not been taken yet
Think of your life as justice
Different people
Don't give me space
Give it
No, not at all
As wisdom is gained, so is wisdom
I know everything
I'm not sure what to do ..

The chickens must drive
The grain will be ripe
The roof rails
And her husband shall correct her
The creditor smiles and smiles.

The thief is a thief
The insurgents say it is a shambles
I don't even know how to get it right
With the fool

Salt is like salt in dogs
Make a promise of non-promise
It is not possible to show up
Let's take a look at the age of 74
The age to love yourself more

  • Though not really young
    Until the bone is broken
    Rope removed to show thieves
    You will love your children and love them
    Do not look for Mother in the world of Bismarck
    In a land of uncertainty
    The only steel mother
    This is the Mother of all of us. : image

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