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in #artzone4 years ago

It is our responsibility to vote
MPs, prime ministers
You must not make a mistake in your party
Be responsible
Let me tell you how it works
We don't want people like Backbone
Like you guys are right, Kyaw Kyaw Zin
I don't need anything inside
Like the Bago Tanintharyi Commissioners
People don't need it
Do not throw away the fruit that is worthless
Tucked away in the living room
This is a man-made election
Adults don't even want to
We will vote only for the NLD
Others want to vote for the NLD
The NLD is pushing for the NLD
The dogs will also be fighting dogs
The right thing to do is to make the right choices
You are responsible
If possible
Later, good people like Chapolote
Select a MP
Why not ask a question?
In 5 years time, the House will baimdncpv5l.jpge in full swing
There is no need to make mistakes
If you make a mistake, you will never be forgiven
In advance

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