My new artwork is here!! ART CONTEST #12 "camping"

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Hello everyone,

welcome back!

Here is my entry for the contest by @agneslaczo
This is a camping how I imagined it, and I thought about Woodstock from the 70's so a little flower power adds the flair ;)
The girl in the front is inviting everybody to join the local festivals where there will be awesome music, and dances and sticks it on the reception window.

Make love, not war ;) have fun, peace!!

The woman by the squirrel, wears a retro dress;)
There are other things to see, take a look yourself ✌




Here is the contest link:

I also got a little present for you :) Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock;)

Here are some of my other previous works that might interest you so

check it out!


They are also on my page ;)

❀Thank you for dropping by

and peace out :) ❀


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Thanks ;) X

Buen lugar para primera cita en un campamento jaja, muy bueno ¡Saludos!

Thank you very much x

I like the theme. Nice drawing!

Yes the theme is fun! Thank you! image

Nice post
I upvote you
Can upvote me
Thank you very much

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