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a imageAbusive speech when they said I was rude
I will become their barbaric ...
I say good about themselves
If they feel everything I mind and breathing will become a ...

If you are bitter and angry
I ယုတ်ရင်း Bible will become a person to go ......

Minimum offensive under my head down
I downtrodden will be ......

He spoke of abusive and I found I was not responding to anything from ......

Close If you hear ill

Colombia words when angry
I focus on writing reading ......
When treated humble experience
The patient can tolerate almost intolerable at times, `` I can speak''

Just avoid the bad ones.
Who pretended to smile cosmetic smile.
Just on a good act on ......
Tried to go in, nobody doubts.

Because of the lessons that life is not a supplement to understand how to get live herself
Learn how to live better if you.

For your example inspire respect your respect.
Listen to the words coming from your loved ones.
Life is not a lite woman ......

Pann nu wai


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