How i draw my illustration? with images of my drawing process

in #artzone4 years ago

Hi guys ,I am here with my new process images of one of my illustration so I really like to draw peoples faces and there different expressions i try to bring those expressions in my illustrations ,I find this image on pintrest and i really liked his expression so here it is faceboybynat5.jpg If you guys have seen my process images of my old illustration then i guess you guys know that i always start with skin color faceboybynat4.jpg I then add shading to the skin faceboybynat3.jpg then next i add details faceboybynat2.jpg then i shade my hair for hairs shading i start with the darker tone and then i add highlight faceboybynat.jpg and at last i draw the background and Its done "fully baked" (^_^) faceboybynat1.jpg



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