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I used yesterday Facebook was next door, like my great-mailing I rarely means, Israel

The world aircraft and land ဗြမ္ Mark will meet the boat easier to get a life, this is faster than hard ..... Congratulations
English ..... Congratulations
Thailand ... ขอ แสดง ความ ยินดี
Japan ..... お め で と う
Hin ...... बधाई
..... félicitations
Spain .... felicitaciones. . . Yes.

This method is even more difficult to gain access to the skull I want to bye
We must not only not true, do you ...
The last phase will now play like two universal ရွေးပွဲ
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Aye Aye say after this
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You would Yangon Mandalay
Aye sir Mandalay, suppose you want to calculate Rangoon, but at the same time before speaking about a flat tire when a roadside stand * To reduce weight when you run down feeling ကျုပ်လဲ if quite a different feeling now.
I really do not know yet
From tomorrow to properly consider
long, high-pitched #crd .....
I know nothing to do with eating disorder


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