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Viet Nam, the US military defeat of US were part of a protest. If not, would not you show me where the court မ့် philosophy. What sense in terms of a family member in this well after united in prayer.

The protests are the rebels instead of using it for decades and decades and we support KIA spoke reserved dumbbell looking couple. Worse, especially in the Acc. Under the news page is a list acc.

Belongs to hate war to protest. But this thermonuclear You can not improve the framework. Sure.

It is clear to the attack. Go to the ethnic war in the region . Zoom. As a result, with deep ethnic and did not get along well. This country is not legally held weapons like I say that that he told you that it would meet. Go fuck yourself

They also told me I
The peace that peace could explain human ignoramus who does not. Without using the brain to think and call are used to store information from the Human Memory-stick-to

The first from 40 feet away
Not the usual yada tone
I asked for something.

If he did not tell
From 30 feet,
So even if you have not heard of
Close to a gradual edges.
Then evening
His wife at dinner
From about 40 feet away from the front
"Dinner Cooking" asked a woman.

His wife does not hear sound from.
At a distance of about 30 feet
Go to about the center of the house
Curry asked for dinner.

I do not hear the noise.
At a distance of about


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