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What a fool
Just look for a ......

If you try the younger generation
Position can become educated and graduate ......

O citizens ာစ်
Office and became an educated
After serving in the country
Country ............
I got a good job with the people.

When we bear the responsibility
On race,
Want to build the best form
Spirit should be good.

The responsibility of fulfilling obligations
The people deserve better.

After being appointed national responsibility
People who look good
Just look for a
[2] are in excellent condition ......

On the people who served this country
The Law of the Union
Some of them are afraid of law
Some're above the law
Two ......

In an
Among some people,
The so-called rake worthy ......

We could see ......

Just look for a
On the country and people
Muslims attitude
Was a cunning attitude ......

Just to the wealth and prosperity
To save your family
If you see an issue
Something called the rake.

A good point

Just on the environment and gentle.

Becoming a leader of the leaderboard
Do your own environment ...
Keep the race.

environmental well being
Hoping to find a better nation
Built environment to make good money.

Not military competence ...... ?????

Myanmar State for Defense
Army must
... Everyone knows that.
The flowers consist of explicit, Might harm the nation and the country to accept (our) Bengalis are allowed to travel freely in the country, (teaching) Ethnic Bengalis priority (immediate) was carrying vinyl Shout


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