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I was the battalion commander," Ask Palm chest, and added, "I am almost unconscious state" of the Southwest Region of the second student cadets Mann. The first training, the battalion commander who knew no sin, thrust fault.

Later, beginning with the invention of the first cadets learn to overcome sleep 0 while the second training 0 can not be considered the first cadets to tremble with fear, and fear become a senior. Mann and do not talk about senior cadets and school officials, holding the head of Brahma like. Junior cadets are equal to 0 common Hall Room I myself. A bed, Show Locker 4 and box 1 can not just narrow Mann happy.

In a private room. These rooms are about 15 cadets playing room. Electronics bulb own agents 0 Junior cadets old Mann is big on TV, Rice cooker, To electricity Electricity, hot Locker 10 in food, instant noodle A variety of fried and really luxurious. The school issued a blanket, mosquito nets, He does not use the pillow.

I have to ask the younger cadets 5 people beside him full-time. This is an unbelievable show. THE invention not yet been satisfied.

Let's connect to the home at any time 4 Cordless Phone antenna pole on the roof of the school is still a great vertical. Mann entered the room like just go to a restaurant. VCD Karaoke comfortably comfortably. Fry cook roasted rice with curry smell Thin living. The school, let alone Training Officer. He does not say anything even the principal.

Police cadets 0 Mann School officials usually have the ability to change. Some officials Mann and drain. They come good Some shark boy frog good Battalion cadets happens when they go to a good place. Can such a luxury Mann ူ I'll work when I think. Even run PT run time.

The cadets are assigned Appointment Cadet year round. This task is even smart outstanding cadets are responsible for 3 months now. But Mann is responsible for turning around. Appointment Cadet Battalion, he did not get. The battalion task is really quite qualified cadets are responsible. Mann is your competent body learns shame is not an easy assignment. Saturday, Sunday only allowed


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