Accommodation's Prince

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 In the same month-old Prince succeeded to advance

Even though a hot wind.
The same doubts as white water feed ငိ့ prince
His flesh had a very rough, hand-knead feet
Among other things, they are tired of finger he remains.

The Prince is the sense of thinking and memory from past events

Then the old life to a male who had his mother and the fairy prince
I think this says adviser visits.

Love has a fair and comprehensive that what the old တစ်ဘဝ
I informed counsel that the flower withers in the heat of him.

The four-year-old young young yet so large in life, he lives in
'' And does not think about the good things in the heat of concern.

In a former life, I was your mother's son. Therefore,
The pressure might be advised to do good and not good mixed portfolio.

standard of life will be if you get a 'son
It's not crippled crippled Though not a deaf ear to Thailand
Ping the deaf in practice.

Then his old life had to receive counseling mothers
Claiming to be crippled deaf vow .

And while the birth of a prince and a half MP
As the mother of actor around to be with Prince MP
If milk were crying. Milk collectors. However, just the Prince
According to his vow of breast cancer, but do not cry, As nurse motionless ..
I ... I ... I was someone to stay calm without any noise.
good 13-year-old and a lamp 14-year-old prince
Anoint the body of molasses from sugar cane and passes in front of a crowd of mosquitoes, flies lay in
15-year-old smell rank among dung and the end of the day
,16 under a post-year-old prince was in solidarity

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