Funny cartoon style portrait tutorial

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Salut Steemians! It's long time no posts from me, sorry :P

So, today I want to tell you, how to make cartoon-style funny portrait.


I want to make a portrait of my boyfriend. He started to study boxing in free time in gym.
So, First of all, to make kind of caricature, we have to find characteristic feature оf our model.


Ok, we understood the main detail (face shape, ears size, kind of smile and eyes, mood etc), let's draw!


I made this ugly pencil sketch really fast, using some box poses references from the Google. Oh he looks no right at all!
But I like the pose and the mood so I've decided to change the face a bit right in Photoshop (hey, it is cartoon, it is my unique author's view haha).


I always start from the color blocks by pen tool. After I just adding clipping mask to each layer and by soft or texture brush add values and color tints. The sketch layer is always in Multiply mode with 15%-30% Opacity.


Ok, looks better. But what about the background? I want to make not the isolated character on white, but full illustration to use it like a gift card. So, I have to do the background (Spoiler: ALWAYS think about the background before you start your character coloring - it is really BIG MISTAKE).


I made some background color variants and choose green one. It looks good with the red t-shirt. But I want to make the final picture bit more decorative...



Liza, it is nice (but not me at all), can you add may be some lettering?

ok, no problem lettering maniac mode
Plus, I've added some brightness adjustment by Levels in photoshop, to make the character even more bold.


I decided not to add the mustache and the beard stubble so my art is finished!

Final art


Elizaveta Akimova aka movaliz

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Похож))) Очень понравились кости на Х, это прямо знаково)

А почему боксер без темных очков? :-)


В смысле фингалы?))) бокс в спортзале, так что там все безопасно))


Это я к тому, что прототип в очках, и мы не видим его глаз :-)

This is great! And it's pretty funny when you added that "Stop, please" to his photo, I laughed a little.

I also like the final artwork, very expressive face, I adore it <3.