Contest-win a portrait of yourself by miss. sadeyes |first week|

in artzone •  3 months ago

Hello dear friends of steemit, today I am excited, I finally bring a contest I had while planning, it is about winning as the title says, a portrait made by me, I will select the winner based on the creativity with which they compete.



        + Follow [@misssadeyes](
        + Restem to the publication
        + Upvote the publication
        + Publish a photo of you in the comments of this publication where you can see your hands (preferably a photo in the foreground and remember to win the most creative photo)

The winner will get a portrait similar to this one based on his/her photo

And the gif process like a bonus


More of my work

I wish you all luck, the winner will be chosen by the most creative photo and your illustration will be published on August 20, 2018. Have a happy day and I hope you enjoy this contest


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No me gusta que el ganador se elija al azar. Debería ser que postearan algo y se postulran, no sé. De todos te apoyo y participaré desde mi cuenta personal.


Gracias meeen!!!, ya cambie eso, ahora eligire al más creativo como te comentaba, gracias por sus consejos!

Amazing work! Resteemed.


Thank you very much!

This is a great innitiative, dude, I've been following your work closely, keep it up.



Than you for participate!!

This initiative its so cool!

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Thank you so much!, a virtual hug for you!


This is my profile pic by the awesome @mijares and I will love to see it like your art work



I really like this picture ;)


I really like this picture ;)


Yours truly in the desert doing what I do best...taking portraits.


Thank you for particpate!