"White magic"

in #artzone2 years ago

Hello, dear Steemians.
I wanted to show you my art piece. This is my painting- "White magic".


I finished this painting at the end of December 2019, but didn't have time to share it with you before. Canvas size is 40x40 and I painted this painting with acrylic paint only. I used a very thin brush to paint face, neck and shoulders, the thinnest brush so far, for precision. For the rest of the painting I used a slightly thicker brush. I will buy a easel soon, so it will probably be easier for me to paint, or I may eventually feel like a real painter. :)

I photographed the first part of the process of creating this painting:



At the end, I coated the painting with a special lacquer for acrylic paint, it's a glossy lacquer for acrylic paint, i dont like matte lacquer.

Have a nice evening and thanks for stopping by.


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