Inktober day 7 enchanted

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Greetings steemians
I'm on and off the inktober train. And last time I was in it was day 7.
The word for that day was


Made with pentel brushpen

Now for the


I almost always start trying to visualize in my head what I intend to put on paper, then just go with the flow..

Sorry, don't know why my phone camera decided to make everything yellow..

At this point I started to try doing shading by putting ink on paper and then quickly dissolving it with plain water brush and toning it to grayscale. Which turned out pretty complicated because the ink quickly sinks in. I had to use both hands simultaneously.

Ran out of ink, food thing i still have backup cartridges

Aaaand done.
Thanks for reading

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really gorgeous mushrooms! Love this scene. One of my fav #inktober efforts from this year

@carlgnash thanks so much :)

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Very nice inktober drawing, plus good presentation od your process, hope I have more time to do such things..
GREAT work of art @longer cheers

@markjason thank you , hope we both find more time to do such things ;)

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wow, great, I really love this! real pretty <4

@frejafri thank you for your support :)

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Really nice work! You have quite the talent the mushrooms look very realistic!

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@balticbadger appreciate your comment:)

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Wow! Amazing skills! Really beautiful! :D

@francyland thank you :)

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Thats is very nice of you :)

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That is absolutely amazing, I like how it grows from simple to complex drawing. You have great talent and feeling of 3 dimensional presentation of your works, like that highlights on stones from more light centrally that is fading close to viewer :)

@stef1 glad you like it :) the stones are my favorite part of that picture, came out better than expected

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Love the overpowering effect of the gigantic mushrooms. So that all of a sudden the sharmon changes from being life-size to very tiny. The actual drawing of the mushrooms is beautifully rendered. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

@allyinspirit thank you :) there's so many shapes and sizes of mushrooms it really got my imagination going, but didn't have the time to put them all in eventually

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Your technique is absolutely stunning in that it is masterfully high contrast and has a whimsical 70s vibe to it!

@edouard you're too kind, thank you

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@tipu curate

@tiffany4ever thankyou:)

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