Inktober day 14 'clock'

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This post should have been here yesterday but only now do I have some time to write it.
'Clock'' at the beginning that word got me stuck. No idea, tabula rasa, nothing
, nada... But then something changed and I came up with about three ideas. If the time allows I will make illustrations to other variants as well but for now I hope you will enjoy idea that I've chosen.

I hope the message is clear :) Wasted time will never come back, use it to the best, spend it with the ones you love and other pretentious slogans:) But seriously, time is your most precious belonging, use it wisely.

At the beginning I had the idea of big broken clock and it's parts used for fun bit not specified, so I started with clock silhouette

Of course composition and managing space are still a new thing for me so please be patient if I make a mistake. Gradually adding characters and clock machinery

and a little detail of clock

That's it, thanks for reading.

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something changed


What do you mean?

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mainblowing art


Thank you :)

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Nice work! Love the detail you do inside the clock..


Glad you like it, had a hard time coming up with those parts

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smash it to pieces !

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!!




Love your pieces so far, @longer <3 Keep 'em coming <3


Aaah, quoting the classics o see ;)

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Adorable as always, you have the talent to draw something that lifts up my spirit every time I look at your art :).


Thanks Scrawly , that's really motivating :)

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