Common misconception| A calligraphers'(amateur) testimony

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Not just me, but i know a lot of calligraphers out there are being misjudged by having a good penmanship! This is a very common misconception especially to calligraphers.

People will say "Oh he/she can only do calligraphy because he/she has a very good penmanship already."

People of steemit and people of the world, i hereby testify that not all calligraphers has a good penmanship. You are judging us wrong. hehe Let me show you my penmanship and let that be an evidence. hehe

I'll be showing you three writings, one in the calligraphic way and the other is my own penmanship: one in cursive and the other is not

This is how i write when i do the calligraphic way

And this is my penmanship in cursive, Now take a look at that mess haha. My penmanship is never good what's important is that it is still readable. haha

This right here is my everyday hand writing.

I've used an empty notebook page and a regular pen, only for demonstration.

I am speaking in behalf of all the calligraphers who are misjudged with good penmanship. hahaha

After seeing all these, i hope it cleared all your minds hahaha. I boldly testify that you cannot judge a calligrapher by it's penmanship hahaha. You might ask, what sorcery I've used to be able to achieve calligraphy. And let me say that the magic behind is "practice".

Never stop practicing, because there is always room for improvement. I hope i have rest the case with this one. hehe

Truly yours,

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