Portrait Of An African Lady Using Ball Pen.....

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Hello wonderful people,how was it......? Am here today with a new concept and it wasn't easy going back to drawing 'cos its really been long i forgot about the hobby but i woke up to do this today.


This is my first time of displaying an artistical work. I know my next drawing will be more neat than this one.

                    Development process

I started out by sketching my model with a ball pen (blue and red biro)


We begin to see results.....


Still on the process


Done shading the work with my ball pen to give out image


finally this is it, displaying an African culture portrait of a lady.


Thank you for reading through....

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Nice article and art

I really love your work. It's fun and colorful as well as cultural.

What diagram was on the sheet before? I can see the outline (remenant/ghost) of it on the right lower corner...

Namaste, JaiChai


No i draw myself... Here is the proved04e0166708c7c88a7b75c75c464f13f.jpg


I wasn't questioning you drawing it. I was just curious about what was on the paper before it...

Namaste, JaiChai