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in artzone •  5 months ago 

Hello everyone, how have you been ?

Today I want to share with you my three last drawings. They are all "Draw this in your style" challenges.

Original is from @Saviroosje (Instagram) :

I used alcohol markers and coloured pencils, for the most parts. To give it some highlights I used my white posca pen. I love this pen, but I don't know if I use it well x).

Original is from @Ghtbns (Instagram and Twitter)

I only used a mechanical pencil for this one. It was a long time since I haven't put anycolor on a drawing.

Original is from @Johannazegarrart (instagram)

I used back my markers and pencils. I think markers are my favourite media with coloured pencils. Love to mix them together or use them each apart. I don't have many markers, but it's still nice to work with them !

What are your favourite media to draw ? Feel free to tell me in the comments, I am curious :).
Thanks for reading / passing by. Take care and see you soon !

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