3 Monsters Attacking a Ship - @steemmonsters art contest

in #artzone3 years ago

After a long break in art. I start drawing and painting.


Elements of Painting :

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colour pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpner
  • Water
  • Oil Pastel

Here is my art in step by step :

1) Drawing 3 Dragon monster in a iceland


At first I draw and sketch 3 dragon in a iceland. I just use 3 kinds of pencil for drawing this. First I was Drawing by 4B pencil. Then sketch it with 2B & HB pencil.

2) Drawing a skull Monster


Then I draw and sketch a man's skull in the left side of the paper. I just use 3 kinds of pencil for drawing this. First I was Drawing by 4B pencil. Then sketch it with 2B & HB pencil.

3) drawing water and and placing a ship into the water.



Then i draw water in the bottom of the iceland and a ship with full of people I just use 3 kinds of pencil for drawing this. First I was Drawing by 4B pencil. Then sketch it with 2B & HB pencil.

4) Drawing a snake monster


5) Finally i paint it with many colours.



I create a short story for this picture. The story is here-

Once upon a time, a ship with full 1000 people going to Africa from USA in Atlantic Ocean. When they reached near of africa, a powerfull strom brings there ship to Amazon Forest. Suddenly they saw a 3 mouth dragon monster in a iceland. They were afraid and return their ship. But they saw a skull monster and a large snake monster in the sea. Their all way for returning home was blocked by the 3 monster. They were crying and shouting but they didn't get any help from the nature.

Created by @kibriakk. Submission to @steemmonsters Weekly Art contest.

Thank you for reading my story and watching my drawing.


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