I'm an engineering girl

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to get good grades, then we must learn and try. it's a student's job. this is me while I'm running my duty at a big factory located in north sumatera indonesia. image
image image image
here I get a lot of experience, and I also mingle with everyone there
without exception . a time I was challenged by my boss then I also have to dare to accept my challenge. because I'm a technical boy he challenged me to weld an iron, who was afraid, I dare to take the challenge because I've done it often in the tech workshop lab. even me and my boss show off each other's skills lol. although a woman I have to do my job even if it's a tough task, because I'm a child of industrial chemical engineering. but my appearance there is still very shabbily sorry. already like to vent only, thanks to meet bye
Hoka good-karma that krit lage kah 😂
Hana metatupu post pih le


Luar biasa kak perempuan juga bisa berkarya

Haha arus bisaa

Iy betul kak

You are a brave girl. Well done on the challenge!