A Market Place in Delhi, an oil painting.

in artzone •  last year 

How I loved visiting market places in India. They are such lively places, with the sun filtering down around the tents and parasols. The multiple fragmented light effects added to the general confusion and bustling activity.

I greatly enjoyed playing with color and overlaying images in this painting. I started with a bright color palette and laid out the traditional decorative motifs, then added the narrative at the end.

Here are a couple of details:


"On every face in the market
the dust of the city
is etched in summer heat.
Behind the stands
the wrinkled old women
know many things:
The ripeness of fruit,
the weight of eggs.
Their baskets measure time
both bought and sold,
woven and rewoven
in the language of trade."

"The Market", by Jan Olson

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Wow, thats beautiful!


Thank you @rodrigozottis, so glad you like it.

Beautiful blend of colours, I love those rainbow depicting people.



Thank you kindly, @scrawly.

@kathleenscarboro This is just amazing. I like your composition and the attention to details in a contemporary style. Captured the mood of Indian market beautifully :-)


So glad you like it @satishart!

This has that magic one would feel back in the day when we had to get our film developed...we'd wait and sometimes, by accident a double exposure would happen. And it would not make us upset but would create the combination of images that told a new story and had a poignancy wrought by fate. That is how this painting makes me feel and of course I am a lover of COLOUR so your palette is breath taking.


Oh thank you @donnadavisart, for your kind and pertinent comment.

yes yes yes, really great!

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amazing mix of colours to this image!


Thank you @romanie, color is great fun, isn't it?


sure it is! wonderful explorations

Great work Kathleen ! Took me back there! Much Love!


Thank you kindly for your encouragement and shared love of India.

What's not to love about this. If the bottom layer itself was the only thing there, it would be evocative of what I imagine this maketplace would feel like. But adding the overlaying colors really put it over the bar. I particularly like how the overlay guides the eye in a different direction than the main diagonal in the market. It makes a sort of tension and busyness that gives a market-like energy to the whole thing.


Thank you for your support and your thoughtful analysis of my painting.

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WOW! This is really amazing @kathleenscarboro! If you don't mind my asking, how did you come up with the concept for this?


Glad you like it. I tend to do my backgrounds before inserting any narrative (people, objects). This allows me to work on color and texture, and in this case to do the large motifs. I often feel that we figurative artists tend to rely too much on the seduction of facial expressions or rendering of figures and forget that the whole painting needs to be interesting. So I developed this method which allows me to put the story on the back burner while I make the general situation interesting composition and color wise. Then when I insert the narrative, it is fun because it creates a surprise, and if all goes well, the background and figures complement each other. I have found playing with composition in photoshop is lots of fun because it allows me to try out all sorts of possibilities before settling on one. Layer masks are great for this.

You are so talented! You deserve a real wow!!!


Thank you kindly, @lindari.

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Beautiful work. How long did you spend in India?


Thank you. I have often been to India, have lost count of the times. Each time for a few weeks.