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Theobroma cacao, also the generic name is derived from the Greek for "food of the gods" . the Ripe fruit is harvested and opened after a few days to separate the beans from the pulp. The beans and pulp are fermented at ambient temperature (tropical) to begin developing the flavor,
and then dried. They are shipped and/or stored for cleaning, blending, and roasting, which encourages more flavor development. After roasting, removes the nibs, which are then ground, mixed,and kneaded and eventually conched, the final step in chocolate production.


Based on the cacao percentage of chocolate may difer into ;

  • Sweet Chocolate - around 30% cacao content
  • Semisweet Chocolate - 50% - 60% cacao content
  • bittersweet chocolate - 70% -85% cacao content
  • bitter chocolate - up until 99% cacao content

Cacao content is comprised of both cacao and cacao butter and the percentage of cacao in chocolate that determines how sweet or bitter it tastes.


Compound, This chocolate is made from cocoa, sweeteners and vegetable fat instead -cocoa butter- that acts as the solidifying agent. Generally cheaper to manufacture and it doesn’t need tempering. it can be easily melted and set. They are versatile choice as a base for any recipe that requires chocolate.

Couverture chocolate has a cocoa butter base, so you will need to temper this type of chocolate in most cases. The couverture chocolate is the more difficult of the types of chocolate to use due to the fact that it needs to be tempered, but is considered by many to have the best flavor as well as appearance when made into the finished item .

Tempering. the process of ensuring that the cocoa butter solidifies evenly so that the end product can be used.



Due to cacao butter reside inside the courveture chocolate, Cocoa butter is fat that is composed of three to four glycerides of fatty acids. What complicates matters in chocolate making is that each of these different fatty acids solidifies at a different temperature. Once you melt a chocolate bar, the fatty acid crystals separate. The objective in tempering melted chocolate is to entice the disparate fatty acid crystals of cocoa butter back into one stable form.

Tempering is like organizing each color at a group of different color into matching a one single color that group agree on . For chocolate, temperature and motion are the party organizers that bring all the individual dancing crystals of fatty acids together in long lines and, in the process, create a stable crystallization throughout the chocolate mass.

The easier method to temper the chocolate is the "seeding" technique.
For example, there's 400 gr courveture chocolate you have that you want to use.

  • chop all the chocolate into small and uniform pieces.
  • prepare and small heat the pan (filled with water) and bowl for chocolate melting. add 300gr(1/3) chocolate to melt and stir slowly
  • after it reach the target of each type of chocolate you using, set aside from the heat of hot water and stir it, add the remaining chocolate (100gr) that you set aside in the first place.. and stir it until it reach tempered temperature..

this table show you the correct temperature for each different type of chocolate...


keep in mind; if tempering the chocolate will be using in a hour or so just make sure the tempered chocolate stay within range of tempered temperature for each type of the chocolate you use for tempering.
also, when tempered chocolate get burn, it's irreversible so must be carefull not to over heat the temperered chocolate.

There's no harmfull effect if we just consume untempered/bad tempered couverture chocolate directly. But, there's huge difference when it being use for coating the product, chocolate modeling, praline chocolate as the appearence of the product will be bad and not shiny as it's intended to be presented.
here's the comparison between tempered vs untempered chocolate;




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