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source: my phone

Ever been a time when you thought of throwing out your art probably because you made a mistake, or perhaps there was someplace that wasn't exactly appealing to you?
Oh well, I used to do that a lot until i realized a way of making up for the places i felt were not good enough....
So, I'm up to share the idea.

Here's my drawing from last year, and for some time, i'd been contemplating on what to do with the rigid outline i gave to the cute little girl...
It was however pleasing to have the graphical outline for a background at first, but then as time approached, i felt the need to make something more subtle which would fit in with the piece and most importantly with the subject.
Here's the reference and a look of the drawing from the previous background
source: my phone

source: my phone

To get this done, i started by cutting out the drawing from it's previous background; if you're wondering if it's stressful, i'd give a definite "no" to that since it barely consumes about 45 minutes.
You could use a scissor or cutter for the cutting depending on which one you're comfortable with.
source: my phone
source: my phone

Once the cutting was properly done, i got a new cardboard, so I'd have it glued down to the surface.
That's simple as well, you'd have to pour a considerable quantity of gum behind your piece to have it stuck to the surface; just like this
source my phone
my phone: my phone

That's it, just a little touch to the background and you're done;
hope this was helpful to someone?
Thanks lots for reading

Much love;


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This is fantastic! And you are very talented by cutting out the background of a previous work and yielding a nice and precious one.

BTW, looks like you made use of pointilism...

Yeah.... It's actually a mix of pointilism and cross - hatching; Thanks for appreciating

Alright... Stay blessed

Beautiful art work @joyart very creative and the way you take us through creating it is appreciating.

Hey @joyart
What a great post you have there.👍

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I'll do check it out.... Thanks for coming around

This Is amazing @joyart

Good to have you here @shollstun
Thanks for the compliment

You're welcome

You are just a natural at this gf. I really enjoy your work.
Great tip!

Thanks dear 💝

Beautifully made @joyart.

Thanks lots dear

I bow to the master of art!! 😁😁

very interesting greeting your publication, excellent new paragraph I work and content @joyart

Thanks friend

Gurl...you are rocking this!! Can you do a step by step tutorial tutorial some time?I would love to try this out and it would be a lot easier to follow.

That's right friend; I'll try to get that done anytime soon....
Thanks for coming around

No prob..it was my pleasure😅

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