Your illustrations is really good, is expressive and genuine at the same time... the second was my favorite.
Nice job, friend 🙋

Thanks hon. I really appreciate your comment.... The third sketch was my favorite though 💞

I love your sketches, they have a lot of details and they have an interesting style. I think that the most important thing at the time of making a drawing would be the proportions, it is the most complicated thing to learn and achieve. Normally many changes are made before finalizing the drawing because that is what determines that it is perfect. You really are an excellent artist and I love that you explain the steps of your sketches. Thanks for sharing, regards.

You're so right dear, you just made some great deal of point..... The proportion really matters in making an ideal drawing because it's what determines the finishing.

Thanks for the great compliment, it thrills me to know that i'm not on this alone, much love 💝 @reialfr

As always, masterful work Joy! <3

Thanks dear..... as always, you're here and I'm glad to have you come around

Nope, those art not yours. You even cropped the signature of the real artist and edited yours. Shame.

You´re my Batgirl! ;)

Why did you delete this?

You are attracting heavy punishment on yourself.

You couldn't apologize... this is totally not cool

You should join this discord channel
I need to inform you about the dos and donts of this place. You are plagiarising because I think you may not know the gravity of such an offence.

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