Daily Warmup Sketch No.1

in #artzone4 years ago

To start this off with a fiery bang, my first daily sketch is of Nikita Dragun 🔥

I've been wanting to upload daily sketches for a while. Decided I'll just dive in deep and give it my best shot... So here we go! 😁

P.S. I'll still be working on original coloured pieces from my imagination, but I feel like doing a quick greyscale study beforehand really gets my artistic gears movin'. And hopefully this will get me in the habit of uploading daily! WOO!

Daily Warmup Sketch No.1





Let's have a blast together, come follow me! :D

wow talent like this surely have to be rewarded and great that c² spotted you.. Many artist is now sharing their talent in steemit and youre one of the most talented one

Aw thank you!!

Wow just wow.. and you talk as if its just a little sketch haha.. I would be drawing for hours and hours and hours to maybe get this result :)

It is just a little sketch but it still took almost 2 hours to make haha. I frequently spend 6-12 hours drawing in a single day so 2 hours is nothing :P

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