A day in the Yatch Club (II)

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detalle barco.jpg

Hello my friends,

I m working in freehand spherical perspectives these days. The curves and lines of the boats are a good exercise to practice this perspective.

I started yesterday afternoon drawing this boat:


This sketch took me 2 hours, since I had to transform straight lines into curves and this was a hard exercise.

Then I inked the sketch to have a better feeling of the perspective:


This morning I returned to the port to add some colors:


I started suggesting the reflects of the lights of the sea and begin to reinforce the volume of the Yacht.


As this is mainly a Japanese style print, I open my Pentel Pen brush and add some nice black strokes to complete the painting:


Unfortunately, the owners of this toy weren’t inside. I could only see some young sailors young and completely indifferents to my artwork. But the Lady of a Yatch near by came to me and said she liked it.

Thank you for reading and have fun.

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Very nice post, @javier.dejuan ! Love the step by step, and the finished result is super wonderful <3 Love your lineart and your watercolour so much !!!

Such a lovely post filled with great step by step pictures.
I like that you managed to nail the perspective and also the colours of the water are very nice and they are my favourite part of this painting. Nicely done, Javier.                    

UPDATE: Hi @javier.dejuan this post has been featured in Exponential! C² Featured Posts, a daily publication of the @c-cubed blog. Check it out :)

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🎉 Congratulations @javier.dejuan! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

The visualization step by step is a very good idea and the final result is powerful.