Last Years Obsession - My Wall of art

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Some artworks I did over the last year.

Last years obsession- hoping to add more soon and make this years work much better



There have been times when I go to bed thinking of an artwork that I need to finish and wake up thinking the same.
I love doing what I do- even though it's dark and intimidating, but it's meditative for me
I guess, there is a consistent style which translates across the mediums I use. I have been exploring a lot of different media over the past one year and can't say that I mastered any of them, or even remotely close to being a master but I am getting better each day and enjoying the process of it.
So just wanted to share what I have done in the last year :



I think I see a pattern across it and the visual language is definitely consistent.

I would love to take it as my full-time work, spend time to learn new media and master the contouring techniques but how does one make art when spending 8-9 hours at job and 3-4 hours everyday travelling for work, (not that I am complaining about it- I love my job too) it just leaves me drained and do not feel creative at the end of the day.

So even though a few days back I made a post of my new year's resolution of being regular with painting and to find some time in between work to paint- I am really not able to, but I try to start something every weekend, just to not lose the flow…
I guess I need a vision for what I am trying to achieve and to just go one step at a time without pushing myself too much and forcing to finish something.

Here is what I have started 2 weeks back, hopefully, will finish it this weekend.


I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

All content and photos (otherwise stated) are by @itravelarts

Love. Swati ❤️

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Amazing works! I very like your drawing style;)

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