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Aircraft carrier the size of a large financial cost, which is great for a long time for building tons of other types of warships completed in a short time, as there is no capacity. The world's aircraft carriers and helicopter carriers by providing naval power.
However, monetary billion The cost of thousands of conventional combat ships a year to build new aircraft carriers, such as craft, no construction work. If you remove the helicopter carrier was the last aircraft carrier Royal To date, only two more brand new aircraft carrier at the time, had been able to build more found. Among them, the US Navy's USS Gerard R.Ford the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of Front Royal, but conversely, the USS Enterprise, to cancel the Front Royal. England's Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth, Front Royal. After the two ships in the world who can not use the new aircraft carrier construction of aircraft carrier and helicopter carrier remains. Among the projected aircraft carrier ... (1) US Army, two aircraft carriers A helicopter carrier (2) Two Chinese Army aircraft carrier (3) Indian Army aircraft carrier ship (4) England's Royal Navy aircraft carrier ship (5) Italian Navy Landing operations support ship (6) Two Japanese Self-Defense Navy helicopter carrier ship (7) by the South Korean navy landing operations support ship, etc. are included. (1) US Army ==================== Currently owns 11 aircraft carriers of the US Navy in 2017, the first of the Ford class aircraft carrier aboard the USS Gerald R.Ford Front Royal, after which the second bus from the USS John F.Kennedy and continue to the USS Enterprise is still under development. The Ford class aircraft carrier in 1106, but long a group of a hundred thousand tons of super carrier ships. EMALS including electromagnetic launch system called dual rate လှှိုင်း many radar systems, and other advanced systems equipped with a combination of cost up to $ 17 billion. The aircraft, including 60 helicopters, Aircraft capable of carrying up to a total of 90 units. Nuclear energy is a type of warship used. In July 2017 the first bus from Front Royal. Huntington Ingall shipyards second craft is still under development and the body structure is 50 percent completed in July 2017, according to a statement. A third of the USS Enterprise, was established in August 2017. The Ford class aircraft carrier, the US Navy was replaced by Nemitz class aircraft carrier used.
wind In addition to the construction of more US Navy ships named USS Tripoli Landing operations support ship (Amphibious Assault Ship) was laid in May 2017. The ship is now in the final phase of construction by 2018 will be in Front Royal. The second from the USS Tripoli America Class class warships. The support has been carrying the Landing Ship combat troops, helicopter gunships Transport can carry helicopters, etc.. In addition, the landing forces down to the support bracket that is used to carry the F-35 stealth fighter. (2) People's Republic of China Navy =========================== China bought from Ukraine have already corrected the old aircraft carrier Liaoning name was not used to have its first aircraft carrier. In 2012, Liaoning, Front Royal, while the indigenous aircraft carrier project to accelerate posted. And while the first indigenous aircraft carrier, Shangdong, 2017. Liaoning aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier, as Ski Jump for the launch system. Shangdong aircraft carrier using conventional energy will steer the plane, The helicopter can be loaded with approximately 38. Liaoning aircraft carrier sea trials by late 2018 or now the Chinese Navy's second aircraft carrier by 2019 as Front Royal for. China is the third aircraft carrier Shanghai Jiangnan Changxiangdao dockyard already built. The third aircraft carrier was previously assigned to a Type-002 class aircraft carrier more than two of the large size of a large US Navy ship, Ford has been expressed about 80 percent of total. (3) The Indian Navy =============== Indian Navy for the past several years the use of a large aircraft carrier Navy. Today was also purchased from Russia INS Vikramandiya still continue to use. In addition, its first indigenous aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, is currently being built. The indigenous aircraft carrier will be approximately 45,000 tons, can be loaded with up to 40 aircraft and helicopters. India, Lift up on the Cochin Pipeline Company Limited-owned shipyards have been built since 2009 and so far has completed about 98 percent of the body structure. However, the Indian Navy will complete the construction and testing it in 2020 will be able to camp in the Royal. (4) The UK Royal Navy =================== England Navy in 2017 one of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier of the bus from the HMS Queen Elizabeth Front Royal. The aircraft carrier is now 4 of its air force F-35 fighter jets to practice while waiting to carry it. A second, HMS Prince Of Whale is still under development and is currently in the construction of the big aircraft carrier body finished from the level reached. After the final step to complete construction of the HMS Prince Of Whale in 2019 sea trials ပြုလုပ်မည်ဖြစ်ပြီး be able to start for England Navy personnel. Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers are 920 long and 65,000 tons of conventional energy use of an aircraft carrier. England Navy down the field previously used aircraft experience of this new aircraft carrier built by Ski Jump system. The types of aircraft are used for F-35B ground up as fighters. The total, including 24 F-35B fighter aircraft could be carrying up to 40 helicopters. Go to the end of World War II ships are facing a problem of lack of power in the ownership of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier one step from what was behind this, the ability to build a new aircraft carrier is no empire ever owned is good news for the Navy. (5) the Italian Navy =================== In July 2017 the Italian Navy Landing operations supporting new warship was built in Trieste giant fields. More than 33,000 tons and 800 feet in length, being constructed from Trieste US Navy Class is slightly smaller than in America. The ship is called the Landing Helicopter Platform consists in the type of helicopter carrier. However, the Italian Navy ship assigned to the aircraft carrier and its presence will go to replace the aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi. Completion of the building started in 2017 has been estimated. However, approximately 2022, the ship will be served starting in the Italian Navy. Italian Navy Trieste singleness


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